After school was interesting.
I got some coffee. I swung by Jimmy's, but he wasn't home and I had to pee so I went to Speedway and got some nachos and went back. I shared my nachos with Sage and played with her for a bit, but after awhile I got tired of waiting so I called Aaron back and I went over there. It was really really weird for a little bit. We just sat in his room on his bed and all in all I felt...very uncomfortable. But then he turned on the TV and White Chicks was on so that made it better. Then Jimmy called and asked if I could give him a ride. I picked him up and we decided that he would come back to Aaron's with me so he could make the strange go away. Well Aaron ended up convincing his parents to let him 'go to a movie.' We smoked a bowl on the way to Zack's and then some resin at Zacks. It was really fun. Zack cracks me up to no end. And with Jimmy there too? It was really really fun. Then Zack had to go eat with his mom cause it's her birthday so we left and I took Jimmy home and Aaron and then I came home. It was a really fun day except the whole...Aaron/weird thing. *shudders* I just don't want boys right now. Huh Uh No Thank You Sir.